Rolling Utility Cart – A Versatile Solution for Your Needs

Rolling Utility Cart – A Versatile Solution for Your Needs

Rolling Utility Cart – A Versatile Solution for Your Needs

Are you tired of clutter and disorganization in your workspace? Look no further than the Rolling Utility Cart. This innovative cart is designed to meet all your storage and mobility needs, whether you’re in a beauty salon, hospital, office, or any other professional setting.

3-Layer Storage Space with Drawer

The Rolling Utility Cart features three spacious racks, providing ample storage space for all your supplies. With dimensions of 29.5” L*20.9” W, you can easily store medical kitchenware supplies, beauty and skincare products, or any other items you need to keep within reach. Additionally, the cart includes two rail drawers (16” L*10” W*3.3” H) that are easy to push and pull. These hidden drawers ensure personal privacy and protect your belongings.

Multiple Accessories & Strong Practicability

Our utility cart comes with a range of accessories to enhance its functionality. In addition to the three-layer trolley and two drawers, you’ll find a round dirt bucket, two small square storage buckets, and two square storage boxes. These accessories allow you to store items, throw away garbage, and keep your supplies organized and free from dust and dirt. With the Rolling Utility Cart, convenience is at your fingertips.

4 Universal Rolling Wheels

Mobility is key when it comes to a utility cart, and our Rolling Utility Cart delivers. Equipped with silent and wear-resistant universal wheels, this cart can easily rotate 360 degrees, allowing for smooth movement. Whether you need to move the cart around your workspace or transport it to different locations, the four wheels provide the flexibility you need. Additionally, two of the wheels can be braked by lightly stepping on them, ensuring stability and safety.

Premium Quality & Easy Installation

The Rolling Utility Cart is made of high-class ABS material, ensuring its sturdiness and durability. With our detailed installation instructions and installation videos, you can easily assemble the cart in just a few simple steps. We prioritize your convenience, so you can start enjoying the benefits of the cart without any hassle.

Wide Application

Our medical trolley is designed to cater to a wide range of professionals. Whether you’re a doctor, nurse, pet groomer, nail technician, or any other professional staff, this cart is perfect for organizing your items and storing various tools or supplies. It is widely used in beauty salons, hospitals, clinics, tattoo shops, pet shops, and more. The Rolling Utility Cart is the ultimate solution for improving efficiency and organization in your workspace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can the Rolling Utility Cart be used in a hospital setting?
  • A: Yes, the cart is suitable for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.
  • Q: Are the wheels of the cart durable?
  • A: Absolutely! The silent and wear-resistant universal wheels ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Q: Can I lock the wheels to keep the cart in place?
  • A: Yes, two of the wheels can be braked to provide stability and prevent movement.
  • Q: Is the installation process complicated?
  • A: Not at all! With our clear instructions and videos, you can easily assemble the cart in no time.


The Rolling Utility Cart is a game-changer for professionals in various industries. Its spacious storage, convenient drawers, and mobility make it an essential tool for improving organization and efficiency. Whether you’re in a beauty salon, hospital, office, or any other professional setting, this cart will meet all your needs. Invest in the Rolling Utility Cart and experience the difference it can make in your workspace.