Nankang N607+ – 165/60R14 75H – All Season Tyres

Nankang N607+ – 165/60R14 75H – All Season Tyres

Nankang N607+ – 165/60R14 75H – All Season Tyres

Are you in need of new tyres that can handle any weather condition? Look no further than the Nankang N607+ – 165/60R14 75H. These all-season tyres are designed to provide excellent performance and safety on the road.

Key Features

The Nankang N607+ – 165/60R14 75H tyres come with the following features:

  • Fuel efficiency rating: E
  • Noise emission rating: 71 dB
  • Wet grip rating: C

Fuel Efficiency

With a fuel efficiency rating of E, these tyres are designed to help you save on fuel costs. The low rolling resistance of the Nankang N607+ tyres ensures that your vehicle consumes less fuel, resulting in better mileage.

Noise Emission

One of the key concerns for many drivers is the noise level produced by their tyres. The Nankang N607+ tyres have a noise emission rating of 71 dB, which means they provide a quiet and comfortable driving experience.

Wet Grip

Driving in wet conditions can be challenging, but with the Nankang N607+ tyres, you can have peace of mind. These tyres have a wet grip rating of C, indicating good traction and braking performance on wet roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Nankang N607+ tyres suitable for all seasons?

Yes, these tyres are designed to perform well in all weather conditions, making them suitable for use throughout the year.

2. Can I use the Nankang N607+ tyres on my SUV?

No, these tyres are specifically designed for passenger cars and may not provide optimal performance on SUVs or other heavy vehicles.

3. How long do the Nankang N607+ tyres typically last?

The lifespan of tyres can vary depending on various factors such as driving habits and road conditions. However, on average, these tyres can last for approximately 40,000 to 50,000 miles.


If you’re looking for all-season tyres that offer fuel efficiency, low noise emission, and good wet grip, the Nankang N607+ – 165/60R14 75H is an excellent choice. With their reliable performance and safety features, these tyres will ensure a smooth and comfortable driving experience in any weather condition.