Inkfluencer Style N Create Light Desk

Inkfluencer Style N Create Light Desk

Create your own stylish looks with the inkFLUENCER Style N Create Light Desk!

Partnering with TikTok influencers We Wear Cute, inkFLUENCER brings you fun, trendy, social media-inspired DIY art supplies. The Style N Create Light Desk comes with everything you need to create and customize your own influencer-inspired looks!

Choose your model and clothing

First, choose one of eight models to style and select the clothing you want from the sticker sheets: skirts, jackets, pants, tops, accessories, and more! Carefully cut out your outfit and remove the sticker backings. Apply the clothing stickers onto your model and peel to reveal a sticky area left on the surface.

Embellish and style

Next, embellish and style your outfits with the metallic transfer patterns! With eight stylish patterns, set one on top of the clothing and firmly rub to make the pattern stick. Finally, peel the transfer off to reveal the filled-in area! The Style N Create Light Desk’s unique transfer system makes it so easy to design inside the lines for flawless fashions; the metallic transfers only adhere to the sticky parts from the clothing stickers! You can also give your looks design accents by layering patterns on top of each other!

Make it shine

When you’re finished designing, slide your completed model under one of the included filters and make it shine! Turn on the desk’s light and share your super cute look with friends.

Trace your own custom looks

You can also use the Style N Create Light Desk to trace your own custom looks with the model and clothing tracing set – all you need is some blank paper and a pencil!

Easy storage

For easy storage, everything fits inside the cool, crafty reusable premium case.

More ways to create

For even more ways to create, look for the inkFLUENCER Click N Color Marker Set (sold separately). Mix and match to design your stylish looks with the inkFLUENCER Style N Create Light Desk!


1. Can I reuse the clothing stickers?

No, the clothing stickers are for one-time use only. However, you can purchase additional sticker sheets separately.

2. Are the metallic transfers removable?

No, once the metallic transfers are applied and peeled off, they become a permanent part of the design.

3. Can I use the Style N Create Light Desk without the filters?

Yes, the filters are optional and are used to enhance the appearance of your completed model. You can still create and design without using the filters.


The inkFLUENCER Style N Create Light Desk is the perfect tool for creating your own stylish and influencer-inspired looks. With its unique transfer process and easy-to-use design features, you can create flawless fashions that are sure to impress. Share your creations with friends and let your creativity shine with the inkFLUENCER Style N Create Light Desk!