Einhell 4300380 Drag Crosscut and Miter Saw TC-SM 216

Einhell 4300380 Drag, Crosscut and Miter Saw TC-SM 216

Product Description

The Einhell 4300380 Drag, Crosscut and Miter Saw TC-SM 216 is a powerful tool that delivers effective results on sawing and crosscutting jobs in the home, workshed, and garage. With its 1,600W power rating, this saw can easily cut through various materials. The saw blade measures 216mm in diameter externally and 30mm internally.

Smooth Draw Function and Easy-to-Read Scales

This sturdy saw features a smooth draw function for wide workpieces, allowing for precise and accurate cuts. The easy-to-read scales for angles make it convenient to set the desired cutting angle. Additionally, the saw head can be tilted to the left for mitre cuts, providing versatility in your projects.

Precise Angle Adjustment and Supports for Longer Workpieces

The turntable of the TC-SM 216 has a precise angle adjustment facility with quick-adjustment, making it easier to achieve good angular cuts. The turntable also features locking positions for the most common angles, allowing for quick and reliable adjustments. Supports for longer workpieces are provided on the left and right sides, ensuring stability during cutting.

Integrated Cutting Line Laser and Clamping Device

One of the standout features of this saw is the integrated cutting line laser. This laser provides a clearly visible cutting line, making it easier to achieve accurate cuts. The TC-SM 216 also comes with a clamping device for securing workpieces, ensuring safety and precision during operation.

High-Grade Carbide Saw Blade and Easy Blade Change

The high-grade carbide saw blade of the TC-SM 216 delivers perfect cuts, ensuring clean and precise results. To make blade changes easier, the saw is equipped with a spindle lock and an easily accessible saw blade screw.

Efficient Dust Removal System

To keep your work area clean, the TC-SM 216 features a dust funnel behind the saw blade. This funnel helps to effectively remove sawdust, providing a clear line of sight and preventing debris buildup. The saw also comes with an extractor connection with a diameter of 36mm, or you can use the supplied dust bag as an alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the power rating of the TC-SM 216?
  2. The TC-SM 216 has a power rating of 1,600W.

  3. What is the maximum cutting width of the saw?
  4. The maximum cutting width is 305mm with a 90° setting and 210mm with a 45° setting.

  5. Does the saw come with a clamping device?
  6. Yes, the TC-SM 216 comes with a clamping device for securing workpieces.

  7. What is the diameter of the extractor connection?
  8. The extractor connection has a diameter of 36mm.


The Einhell 4300380 Drag, Crosscut and Miter Saw TC-SM 216 is a versatile and powerful tool that delivers excellent results on sawing and crosscutting jobs. With its smooth draw function, easy-to-read scales, and precise angle adjustment, this saw provides convenience and accuracy in your projects. The integrated cutting line laser and clamping device further enhance the precision and safety of your work. With its efficient dust removal system, the TC-SM 216 ensures a clean work area. Overall, this saw is a reliable and efficient choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.