Color N Drive for Range Rover Automotive Touch Up Paint

Color N Drive for Range Rover Automotive Touch Up Paint

Color N Drive for Range Rover Automotive Touch Up Paint


Are you tired of seeing those unsightly scratches on your Range Rover? Look no further! Color N Drive offers the perfect solution with our Automotive Touch Up Paint. Our paint scratch repair kit guarantees an exact match and provides a seamless repair for scratches on your vehicle.

Why Choose Color N Drive?

1. High-Quality Paint

Our touch up paint is specifically formulated to match the original color of your Range Rover. We use the highest quality pigments to ensure a perfect match and a long-lasting finish.

2. Easy Application

Our touch up paint comes in a convenient pen applicator, making it easy to apply with precision. Simply shake the pen, press the tip against the scratch, and watch as the paint seamlessly blends in.

3. Exact Match Guarantee

We understand the importance of a flawless repair. That’s why we offer an exact match guarantee. If our touch up paint doesn’t match the color of your Range Rover, we’ll provide a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the touch up paint last?

A: Our touch up paint is designed to provide a long-lasting repair. With proper application and care, the paint can withstand the elements and maintain its color for years to come.

Q: Can I use the touch up paint on other parts of my vehicle?

A: Yes, our touch up paint can be used on various parts of your vehicle, including the body, bumpers, and trim. It is suitable for both small scratches and larger areas that require touch up.

Q: Is the touch up paint easy to remove if I make a mistake?

A: Yes, if you make a mistake during the application process, the touch up paint can be easily removed with a mild solvent or rubbing alcohol. This allows you to start over and achieve a perfect repair.


Don’t let scratches ruin the appearance of your Range Rover. With Color N Drive’s Automotive Touch Up Paint, you can easily repair those unsightly scratches and restore your vehicle to its former glory. Our high-quality paint, easy application, and exact match guarantee make us the top choice for Range Rover owners. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to a flawless finish!